I’ll Try It

Welcome,  bienvenido,  bienvenue to I’ll Try It.  This is a series a few years in the making.  I’m a writer, sometimes actress and I love the Travel Channel.  (I know that seems like a weird segway but stay with me).

As I watched the Travel Channel, I couldn’t help but notice they’re missing some estrogen and melanin.  Being that I have both, I thought I’d get my big break and an opportunity to change this when they launched a contest a few years ago for an unknown person to host a web series.  I was wrong.

They finally got some estrogen, it just wasn’t mine.  I was devastated because I really thought this was it.  This disappointment caused me to reset, re-evaluate and voila, I’ll Try It was born.

I’m getting older and I’ve realized there are so many things I’ve yet to try.  When talking with older people, one of their biggest regrets is what could’ve been.  I refuse to let this be me.

I decided I wanted to try to accomplish those things I’ve either failed or never done.  I just need to lose weight.  Who even knows me?  I’m not light enough.  I’m not dark enough.  I’m too old.  I’m not old enough (I’m just kidding, THAT thought never crossed my mind).  I need more money.  The excuses kept coming.  Enough already!  Have you ever gotten on your own nerves?

I finally took a leap of faith and jumped.  I called a friend of mine and said “let’s go to Seattle”; she agreed and that was the first episode of I’ll Try It.  I had never been to Seattle but always wanted to.  I hadn’t lost the weight I wanted to.  Was afraid the seatbelt wouldn’t fit; but it did.  I experienced a city like no other.  Pikes Place is touristy but wonderful and the piroshkies are amazing. If you don’t know what piroshkies are, get on a plane, go to Seattle, get to Pikes Place and follow your nose.

These pastries are…what were we talking about again? Yes, trying new things.  (I tried those piroshkies and, well…they can be delivered to your doorstep by the way)

I’ll Try It is about letting go, losing the familiar, thinking outside the box.  Join me as I discover…life.  Care to Try It with me?

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