America 2028

This blog is a little different than what you’ll grow accustomed to reading from me.  I normally try to write about things that are light and fun; it’s a little challenging though with all that’s going on right now.  I see news stories that should cause alarm but then I’ll think, God’s got me.  I’m good.  While God does indeed have me, I can’t become complacent.

I believe complacency is part of the reason the world, especially the U.S., is in the condition it’s in today.  So much turmoil, hate, ignorance, a lack of affection for all human life.  It’s making me think what will life be like for my youngest daughter when she graduates in 2028. IMG_2279.JPGI hadn’t given it much thought about how this current climate may affect her future .  Of course we talk about what she dreams of becoming, making sure she’s well educated in faith, books and life.  This current climate is making me think what’s going to even be available for her in the future.

Will she be able to purchase a home, obtain a higher education, be safe?  You may think this is a bit extreme but with the new law in place in Missouri, the Trump administration trying to investigate and potentially sue schools about their affirmative action admission policies,  it’s brought an awareness.  This awareness is causing me to take action.

IMG_1720Myself, along with two other concerned citizens, are organizing a community picnic.  It’s an open forum for people from all walks of life to discuss how they feel without feeling like they’re being attacked.  The outcome, we’re hoping, is to bring awareness and a call to action.  Voting had been down.  I think it’s time to get back to the polls and let our voices be heard.

Check out our invitation video, inviting the community to become involved


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