Horseback Riding

Horses.  Who doesn’t love ’em?  They’re so peaceful and tranquil.  I’m not known for hanging out in the great outdoors unless it’s at a beach; I love the water, even though I don’t swim (yet).  I decided now would be a great time to engage in more outdoor activities and why not start with horseback riding.

Pretty ambitious but I believe in going big or going home. I did my research and found a nice ranch not too far from me.  The owners are really nice and very patient, which was fortunate.  It started raining and contrary to popular belief, Black women don’t mind getting their hair wet; decided to go for it despite the rain.

IMG_0251This made mounting the horse significantly more challenging.  We actually had to try two different horses but found success with the 2nd one.  I was so proud of myself for mounting that horse.  Wanted to throw caution to the wind and gallop.  I’m just kidding.  I didn’t do more than trot and didn’t even leave the fenced in training area.  Again, it was raining and started raining hard.

I was content though with what I was able to accomplish; I tried, and liked, horseback riding.  Me, Ms. “I don’t do the outdoors and wildlife” (by the way if it lived outdoors, everything was considered wildlife to me at some point).

We never know what we can accomplish if we don’t try.

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