I’m a nature buff.  Well, I watch A LOT of National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the Travel Channel which makes me a nature buff and an expert on nature; not really but watching these networks makes me feel invincible, like I can try anything.

Just because we can try something doesn’t mean we should, at least not without research.  I’ve seen episodes of programs with people going for hikes; they look happy, fulfilled, challenged, that is until something starts chasing them.  Kidding, they’re not ALWAYS being chased.  Viewing them made me want to try hiking.


Stereotypically, Black people don’t hike.  I have never really hiked before.  Although I joked about hikers being chased, I’m aware that can really happen and though I’m working on being in the best shape of my life, I’m not there yet and pretty sure a mountain lion can outrun me.

This didn’t stop me and off I went.  Nothing like the television shows or movies.  No intense inclines, no wildlife encounters thank God.  But, it was fun.  Good exercise and a desire to do more.  Austin has great trails and some have great watering holes, which will make for a good new episode of I’ll Try It, since I don’t know how to swim.  What are you going to try next?

Check out the hiking episode by clicking on the link below




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