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Jack of all trades, master of few?  Many of us have heard this phrase.  I’m a filmmaker, one of the hats I gladly wear.  Sometimes you need to film and can’t find talent so what do you do?  Play all the roles.


That’s the latest episode of I’ll Try It; me playing all the roles of a short I like to call “hey babe”.  It’s a comedic look at what happens when we, as adults, try to make new friends and often times just stick with what we know, our babes.  Check out the short episode below and thanks for stopping by.







Eyebrow Threading

Guess who’s back?

I don’t normally post health and beauty tips but the reality is both men and women can use the occasional tip especially when it comes to eyebrows.


When it comes to eyebrow maintenance, waxing was my method of choice.  Recently though, I had become curious about eyebrow threading.  I’ve heard of and had seen people who had threading.  I was told it was painful and from what I had seen, it looked painful but this is about trying new things right?

I worked up the courage to get it done and darn skippy, it hurt.  BUT, my eyebrows looked so pretty.

No pain, no gain?

Check out my experience and see if I decided to keep up with the eyebrow threading routine.


I’m a nature buff.  Well, I watch A LOT of National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the Travel Channel which makes me a nature buff and an expert on nature; not really but watching these networks makes me feel invincible, like I can try anything.

Just because we can try something doesn’t mean we should, at least not without research.  I’ve seen episodes of programs with people going for hikes; they look happy, fulfilled, challenged, that is until something starts chasing them.  Kidding, they’re not ALWAYS being chased.  Viewing them made me want to try hiking.


Stereotypically, Black people don’t hike.  I have never really hiked before.  Although I joked about hikers being chased, I’m aware that can really happen and though I’m working on being in the best shape of my life, I’m not there yet and pretty sure a mountain lion can outrun me.

This didn’t stop me and off I went.  Nothing like the television shows or movies.  No intense inclines, no wildlife encounters thank God.  But, it was fun.  Good exercise and a desire to do more.  Austin has great trails and some have great watering holes, which will make for a good new episode of I’ll Try It, since I don’t know how to swim.  What are you going to try next?

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Horseback Riding

Horses.  Who doesn’t love ’em?  They’re so peaceful and tranquil.  I’m not known for hanging out in the great outdoors unless it’s at a beach; I love the water, even though I don’t swim (yet).  I decided now would be a great time to engage in more outdoor activities and why not start with horseback riding.

Pretty ambitious but I believe in going big or going home. I did my research and found a nice ranch not too far from me.  The owners are really nice and very patient, which was fortunate.  It started raining and contrary to popular belief, Black women don’t mind getting their hair wet; decided to go for it despite the rain.

IMG_0251This made mounting the horse significantly more challenging.  We actually had to try two different horses but found success with the 2nd one.  I was so proud of myself for mounting that horse.  Wanted to throw caution to the wind and gallop.  I’m just kidding.  I didn’t do more than trot and didn’t even leave the fenced in training area.  Again, it was raining and started raining hard.

I was content though with what I was able to accomplish; I tried, and liked, horseback riding.  Me, Ms. “I don’t do the outdoors and wildlife” (by the way if it lived outdoors, everything was considered wildlife to me at some point).

We never know what we can accomplish if we don’t try.

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Trying Hot Yoga

I have to admit, a lot of the I’ll Try It activities so far have been physical; partly due to my weight loss efforts.  It should come as no surprise that I wanted to challenge myself and try hot yoga.  Yes, not just yoga, hot yoga; me and my non flexible self.


I totally had unrealistic expectations.  I thought I’d look graceful and would feel great.  I envisioned the room would be dark and super hot like a sauna.  I also thought the instructor would explain the moves to me.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  None of that happened.

First, I had to verify that I could film, which I had gotten the approval before the actual date but it had to be verified which made the session start late and all eyes were on me.  Everyone was nice though and didn’t make me feel awkward.  I wasn’t instructed what would be needed so I just looked around to see what everyone else had.  Then it happened.  What happened?  The class, it just started.  No instructions, just downward dog.


What is downward dog?  Not this apparently.  I had to watch the other students to learn what it was.  I pretty much had to watch the other students to learn all of the moves.  Not because the instructor was a jerk though.

Guess what?  Turns out it was an advanced class.  Needless to say, this was the wrong class to welcome me to the wonderful world of yoga.

This experience didn’t leave me with warm fuzzy feelings.  I had severe soreness for a week (I tried cross fit and I wasn’t that sore for that long).  The soreness could’ve been me not performing the moves correctly.  I’m not sure but I tried it.  To be fair, I may need to try a beginner class and give hot yoga another chance.  Will you try it?

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America 2028

This blog is a little different than what you’ll grow accustomed to reading from me.  I normally try to write about things that are light and fun; it’s a little challenging though with all that’s going on right now.  I see news stories that should cause alarm but then I’ll think, God’s got me.  I’m good.  While God does indeed have me, I can’t become complacent.

I believe complacency is part of the reason the world, especially the U.S., is in the condition it’s in today.  So much turmoil, hate, ignorance, a lack of affection for all human life.  It’s making me think what will life be like for my youngest daughter when she graduates in 2028. IMG_2279.JPGI hadn’t given it much thought about how this current climate may affect her future .  Of course we talk about what she dreams of becoming, making sure she’s well educated in faith, books and life.  This current climate is making me think what’s going to even be available for her in the future.

Will she be able to purchase a home, obtain a higher education, be safe?  You may think this is a bit extreme but with the new law in place in Missouri, the Trump administration trying to investigate and potentially sue schools about their affirmative action admission policies,  it’s brought an awareness.  This awareness is causing me to take action.

IMG_1720Myself, along with two other concerned citizens, are organizing a community picnic.  It’s an open forum for people from all walks of life to discuss how they feel without feeling like they’re being attacked.  The outcome, we’re hoping, is to bring awareness and a call to action.  Voting had been down.  I think it’s time to get back to the polls and let our voices be heard.

Check out our invitation video, inviting the community to become involved

Rock Climbing Episode

When you think of rock climbing, what comes to mind?  Is it an image of a chiseled man or woman hanging precariously off of a cliff?   They look as though they can barely hold on but just in the nick of time they find the strength to reach up and grab the ledge?  No?  Just me?  Maybe I’ve seen Sylvester Stallone’s movie Cliffhanger one too many times.

Seriously, I’ve seen images of people rock climbing via movies, tv shows, magazines and I thought “I wanna try that”.  I really would like to try it outdoors but I honestly haven’t worked up the nerve to try that yet (but I’ll take that leap soon).  As it turns out, for those too afraid to try it outdoors, there are tons on indoor rock climbing courses.

There are two near the city I live in.  The first isn’t too intimidating.  It’s located inside of our local gym.  My 17 year old and 7 year old tried (we’re going to skip over their age gap for now) and they both reached the top, rang the bell and climbed back down.  Yes, I got showed up by my 7 year old.  They tried to encourage me to try.  I made the lame excuse that I’ll try it next time.

The next time came and I had to push fear aside and just do it.  I was hesitant.  Again, weight played a factor but we can’t wait until everything’s perfect before be venture out;  if we did, we’d never try anything.  I didn’t make it to the top of this particular course but we could only free climb and I’m not about that free climbing life.  We decided to drive to the other rock climbing course.

This one was ridiculous and extremely intimidating.  There were multiple courses and the beginner one, as you can see from the pictures, was no joke.

It took me a few minutes to psych myself out and try it.  I got harnessed, received instructions and there I went.  Actually, it was a little more like climb, fall; climb, fall; climb, fall.

I didn’t reach the top of this course either but I went further than I did the first time.  I was extremely proud of myself.  I tried something I had always wanted to.  Yes, I was afraid of falling, failing, people staring and wondering why I’d get up there.  I, thank God, pushed beyond all of that and tried it.

What are you willing to do today to push beyond your limits?

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I’ll Try It

Welcome,  bienvenido,  bienvenue to I’ll Try It.  This is a series a few years in the making.  I’m a writer, sometimes actress and I love the Travel Channel.  (I know that seems like a weird segway but stay with me).

As I watched the Travel Channel, I couldn’t help but notice they’re missing some estrogen and melanin.  Being that I have both, I thought I’d get my big break and an opportunity to change this when they launched a contest a few years ago for an unknown person to host a web series.  I was wrong.

They finally got some estrogen, it just wasn’t mine.  I was devastated because I really thought this was it.  This disappointment caused me to reset, re-evaluate and voila, I’ll Try It was born.

I’m getting older and I’ve realized there are so many things I’ve yet to try.  When talking with older people, one of their biggest regrets is what could’ve been.  I refuse to let this be me.

I decided I wanted to try to accomplish those things I’ve either failed or never done.  I just need to lose weight.  Who even knows me?  I’m not light enough.  I’m not dark enough.  I’m too old.  I’m not old enough (I’m just kidding, THAT thought never crossed my mind).  I need more money.  The excuses kept coming.  Enough already!  Have you ever gotten on your own nerves?

I finally took a leap of faith and jumped.  I called a friend of mine and said “let’s go to Seattle”; she agreed and that was the first episode of I’ll Try It.  I had never been to Seattle but always wanted to.  I hadn’t lost the weight I wanted to.  Was afraid the seatbelt wouldn’t fit; but it did.  I experienced a city like no other.  Pikes Place is touristy but wonderful and the piroshkies are amazing. If you don’t know what piroshkies are, get on a plane, go to Seattle, get to Pikes Place and follow your nose.

These pastries are…what were we talking about again? Yes, trying new things.  (I tried those piroshkies and, well…they can be delivered to your doorstep by the way)

I’ll Try It is about letting go, losing the familiar, thinking outside the box.  Join me as I discover…life.  Care to Try It with me?

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